as a musician and music technologist, I’ve spent a lifetime transforming fundamental elements of sound into musically expressive works. now i’m drawing inspiration from the oregon wilds around me and directing my technical and artistic energies to image creation.

i call my process visual sound design and the resulting artworks resynthesized photographs because the software tools i use are much like the parameters found on audio synthesizers—instruments with which i’ve been intimately involved for nearly 50 years. audio synthesis generally entails altering a basic waveform with a set of musically useful electronic functions to create the desired sound. in my artworks, my photographs are the basic waveforms, and i manipulate them with a set of aesthetically useful software functions to create the desired visual effect.

my techniques exploit dynamic interplay among a nearly endless array of image elements, allowing a single photograph to become the source of multiple, diverse variations—each one a unique resynthesis of the original.

all of my works are hand-finished and signed.

how it's made: behind the fig leaf

how it's made: dreamland

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