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enjoy these galleries, named after musical compositions whose styles and structures correlate to the visual works they contain.  plus: art by the foot and a side-by-side look at source photographs and their resynthesized counterparts.

featured work

archival gicl
ée print on fine art paper; hand-textured,  25″ x 16″

available for purchase: fine art prints in assorted sizes


what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with a big beautiful bouquet of flowers? Never mind that this particular variety isn’t scheduled to bloom until summerthis lovely bunch can be enjoyed all year ’round! 

available at discounted pricing through may 31st.


as a musician and music technologist, i’ve spent a lifetime using synthesizers to transform fundamental elements of sound into musically expressive works. inspired by the oregon wilds around me, i’m now directing my technical and creative energies to visual artworks i call resynthesized photographs.


wondering how resynthesized photographs might look in your home? check out these examples for ideas and inspiration!

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